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Tig The Almighty Tartan [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Nov 2004|09:46am]
scrolly,scrolly,round and round and round...
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[06 Nov 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

High in a tower-
Like yours was, but higher-
A beauty asleep.
All round the tower
A thicket of briar
A hundred feet deep.

No frustration mor keen,
When the one thing you want
Is a thing that you've not even seen.

I found a casket
Entirely of glass-
No, it's unbreakable.
Inside- don't ask it-
A maiden, alas,
Just as unwakable-

What unmistakable agony!
Is the way always barred?

She has skin white as snow-

Did you learn her name?

There's a dwarf standing guard.

Such that Princes must weep!
Always in thrall most
To anything almost,
Or something asleep.

If it were not for the thicket-

A thicket's no trick.
Is it thick?

It's the thickest.

The quickest
Is pick it
Apart with a stick-

yes, but even one prick-
It's my thing about blood.

Well, it's sick!

It's no sicker
Than you thing with dwarves.



Dwarfs are every upsetting.

Not forgetting
The tasks unacheivable,
Mountains unscalable-
If it's conceivable
But unavailable,



Not to know what you miss.

While they lie there for years-

And you cry on their biers-

What unbearable bliss!
That can cut like a knife!

Ah, well, back to my wife...

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[30 Oct 2004|12:25pm]
last night:
went to see rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead at the flynn. lol i think that they did a good job, the two main actors were quite good, lol and funny.
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[27 Oct 2004|07:30pm]
just checking my color scheme
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[27 Oct 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | hehe what a cool word. ]

. eight days a week, i lo o O Oo Ooove you. eight days a week is not enough to show i care. du du dududuu du duu....

ok, serverely goodness:
got ye olde permit
got into winooski valley for voice
im going to scotland
laura is coming up
i got justins birthday present which is really cool.
im going to get paid to do some musicalness at some church somewhere
we are finally moving into a unit i understand in science ( SPACE! YEY)
i think i've figured out what i want to do.. BUT i still have plenty of time

and uh probably more then that i just need to look at some other people's livejourals.
farethewell!!..oh and a quote for the night

Guildenstern: its not like we are getting anywhere are we. Also, i dont even believe in it.
Rosencrantz: What?
Guildenstern: England
Rosencrantz: Oh, just a conspiracy of cartographers then.

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[24 Oct 2004|05:57pm]
a cool thing that i've been thinking about:

if i had one power it would be.
the ability to look at a person and see your entire future with them.

like say for me.. The first day of walking into Ag, as an example.

hm. Ok..who to think of first.
ok justin. Say when i saw justin for the first time in my life i'd see our whole history together and seeing in that vision that i would end up falling in love with him.
or say emma. If part of the vision that passed through your head when you first saw me was us in your car on the way to tophers and the whole wood thing, and at the park. lol oh my god you'd be like " what the shit!"

and i mean its not like seeing the future.. its more like seeing you inside other people...trippy and a half huh.

UH finish in a few food time

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[23 Oct 2004|05:26pm]
friday night was fun, i beat (kinda) justin at chess, and so on and so forth.

o hyeah if you read this..What am i again??
an e something, an ab...hooded..glowy-eyed...enyork....
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[23 Oct 2004|05:20pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked
When you?re down
To feel like you?ve been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
When no one?s there to save you
No you don?t know what it?s like

oddly enough.. a Good Simple Plan song.
or at least i like it

well, for me...everything has been going really good. problems have been resolved, i decided to try really hard to get my motivation (r w/e i am lacking)up and working ( ill try reaally hard justin). and so on and so forth
but not so much for some other people. and i want people to know that it does get better and ill always be there, and please try not to think of the what if's even though that's hard.

amo, amas, amat.

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[18 Oct 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


WHAT IS W R O N G WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM SO ARGH. Ok tomorrow i have so much stuff to do, and im so stressed out with school work enyways. MY HANDS ARE COLD. and on wednesday!...urgh. i have a history portfolio due. its winooski valley tryouts. spencer is going to be there, and thats going to be slightly awkward. Justin blocked me MY HANDS ARE FREEZING. i just want to sleeep/ and i have nothing to complain about NOTHING> because people have it worse then me. ITS NOTHING. WHY ARE MY HANDS SO COLD. justin's last lj entry was uber confusing to the 3rd power...if i derived correctly..im a little rough around the edges and he has to try hard to stay with me. but there is something out there that is almost perfect for him. but he'll stick me out a little longer cause thats what his heart is telling him to do. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..WHAT??? argh, i never know anything anymore. and ill probably have lots of people commenting to me telling ( no i wont have any) me that its my fault that he's thinking like this, cause im flirty or something and then i feel ridiculous cause there isnt anything i can think thats badabout him cept that there isnt so if he feels bad its all my fault and people will get pissed at me. and arrgh. and other people are being really confusing. I NEED TO LEAVE AND TALK TO LAURA. but then. i already have peoplelike emma and kirk andkeith that i can really talk to and. then. there's this other thing, thats bugging me that is ridiculous to be bugging me in my mind because the way im acting towards it is exacly opposite im normally so TAke me. im it. except it or get over it. but now im not,. and anyways thats retarded. then theres something else thats making me go UGh, and yey, wtf, and no,wow. and start quoting rufuswainwright, and its ridiculous to cause. btdt. ( i just made that abbrieviationup)
and im flipping out for no reason.
Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh {{sigh}} Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrggggg
on the upside. the gsa meeting was good.
i ate a piece of chocolate cake.

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[17 Oct 2004|12:38pm]

Jinx me somethihng crazy
thinking if it's three ( one two and then...)
then I'm as smooth as the skin
that rolls across the small of your back.
it's too bad it's just not my style
if you need me im out
and on the parkway
Patient and waiting for headlights dressed in a fashion that's fitting
to the inconsistency of my moods
its times like these where silence means
and no one is to know about this..
It's a campaign of distraction and revionist history
Its a shame i dount theyd notice
i doubt they even care.


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[14 Oct 2004|07:56pm]

One way is rome and the other way is mecca
on either side on either side of our motorbike
One way is home and the other was is proper.
All the pearls of china
Fade aside a volta
Dont sew beelines to anybody's hives
save your poison for a lover who is on your side.


oh dear.

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[07 Oct 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

All these feelings these yesterday's feelings...

Im so far gone, ive been running on empty.

yeah thats kinda how i feel, because im perfectly alright, yet miserable.

its like im spread out.   i just kinda feel like lying inthe middle of a field on my back with my arms spread out, and just kinda spiral upwards in the sky,

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[05 Oct 2004|06:23pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

i dont like the new livejournal format very mucho grande thank you very mucho muchachos.

all lethargic like. note the cute emoticon kitty.

history, check.
science...dont remember CHECK
english. check
worldhistory check
latin..wasnt in that class.
algebra..still on the list of to do's.

see ya laters space captin robin

dont ask im feeling weird


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[04 Oct 2004|07:50pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

its monday again. duh.
but  wasn't bad, wasn't great. tomorrow will be fun though.

i dont really feel like updating, but i am anyway. my hands are cold again, which is weird for me. but hey as justin says "cold hands, warm heart." lets just say, I am a really loving person right now if that is true. tomorrow is going to be my scottish ness day, im going to be wearing this plaid, kilty type skirt, and my scotsman tie, and of course my celtic rings that i never take off, and the pretty necklace justin gave me, but..i tend to wear that everyday too.

yes, i'm liking typing in green today because thats what kind of day it was.

not everyone loves it, not everyone hates it.
its gender neutral.
easiest color on the eyes. but
it is associated with bad things, like envy. and turtle poop.
and its a very nurturing color, today i think people grew a bit. mentally, and obviously pysically.
and its green. like today.
~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~
its days like to( WOAH SWITCHING TO BLUE)
Its days like today where i realise, no one has it easy.
whether it be
self issues. family related. everything. nothing. illness. hope.
everyone just needs someone there for them.

on to crimsony brune.


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one fish. two fish. fun fish. emo fish. [03 Oct 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

last night was tophers fon bire, and it was alot of fun. and Ps: Toph's mom: Thanks a bunches, and sorry we didn't say goodbye.
anyway, after wards was the coolest time ever, ( oh yeah on the way there too, that was hilarious. mormons on caffine.and blue sharks..lets not forget the wood. ahaha.)
emma: is that him
me: no.
emma: is that him
me: no.
emma: is that him
me: no.
emma: what about now??
me: no.
*******************DunDUNDUNDUDNDUUUDUDUNN HANDCUFFS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? OH NO! what could THAT mean!!??***********************************************

It looks like im going down stairs!!
emma~ on actually walking down stairs...
)(((((((((:((((:(((((((downfalls..justin and the shark got raped)()())::))))

On the way back..lol .
lets just..leave. OK!
giant pyramid of hay and pumpkins. that thing that went ekk!. OH remember how i said it looked like a coffin in there. turns out kat whent there, and it actually is,, and if we looked at it..there would have been a mummy too. too bad we are all pansies.
)(alison gets dropped off)(
YEY lets go swinging! ::swinging ensues::
The Official Knights of the Oblong Spheroid.
homeless people. Maries P-unit. im going to start counting.
wow WE are rebels, wrong way school dropoff.
********MOVE TO COLUMBIA***BE A SAILOR!****************************
and goodnight!
alright, that was really great.

over and out, space cadet.

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[01 Oct 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hi ho, hi ho, its off to work i go, to bus and dish, with my friend chris, hi ho, hi ho.

yeah, that was my clever little ditty of the day.

good night to all and to all a good night.

eeks and half! ROTK special extended edition, is up for ordering!

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[27 Sep 2004|10:43pm]
odi et amo.

i love and i hate
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[27 Sep 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | all warm and cozy like. ]

on a warms summa eve.
actually..more like autumnal. I've slept for like 3 hours and its now like 7 oclock. 1900hrs UTC time. ithink. anyways. i just ate the last slice of pumpkin pie, i've warmed up some cider, im wearing a comfy sweater, and i finally get online and no one is on that i want to talk to.
today i started out with 2 times as much energy as normal people. and i burned 4 times as much as that, so im really exhausted, but exhausted in the kind of way you feel right after you woke up early got to the mountain and was the only one there til about 11 am, then you sit on the side of the mountain and look out, then when people start coming, you board down to the lodge, grab some food, prefferably vanilla cappachino ( or mountain dew ) some french fries and something else yummy. then you head back out for a few hours find some friends go the the highest point, watch the sunset, and race to the bottom. and then you go online, all comfy like, with cider, and a slice of pumpkin pie....wow 1.) i want that. 2.) im such a mountain kid 3.) sleepy, warm, looves cider.
regrettably i have not done my homework yet, but it won't talk long, so im ok with that, i just have to practice from 7:30 - 8, so i can watch the butterfly effect with my sister, which she has described as " f'd up" so it
ahaha! ashli just walked up to me with a "Better Sex" ad. and i read it with a lisp and it was really funny, and then it said "NEW BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE" and all this " uninterrupted 75minutes scenes of sexual situations" and " increase your sexual powers". lol
so shes having fun with that
other things to do:
find skylar's Jake and Adam cd. because i need to return it.
apologise to skylar. IM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOSOSOSO sorry. but, lol it was in goodnature. so, lol accept that.
topher! stay AWAY from my magical forest if you have intentions of burning it. other wise its ok if you visit.
>>conversation with emma on the way home.>>
Me: Well! he threatened to burn down my magical forest.
emma: whats up with you and magical forest, god.
Me: dude, its awesome, its got magical trees, and magical food, and magical people, and magical faeries!. whats not to like
emma: HAHA. Magical faeries!! you and your gay guys.
emma: SO They ARE gay?! ahaha they arent really faeries!
me: nonono, i mean THEY AARE faeries! because i mean if it was faeries like gay guys --
emma: oh you'd like it.
me:-- if it was gay guys, everything would just suck. ohh wrong word..
emma; hahahhaha.
me: shut up. lol.
emma: you called him a queen.
me: in affection.

over an out.

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[25 Sep 2004|01:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

lol, this was a long week, but goodtimes, lol

alex morgan walks into my world history, class...looks around..lol then leaves cause he was in the wrong place.haha.

Come on! lets put the sex back in homosexual!

kiss is, kiss it. spank it! ~ haha lol alison.  peace out.

okaay.. why the hell would you be ok if some cute guy walks up and starts hitting you with a frisbee?
" um erica..i think it means on accident"

FINALLY got to see Napoleon dynamite.. lol.. that was hilarious " HECKno"


pink fish net..

Yacht Club tonight. them umm..ni.ce..r you are the bigger they tip, lol Right keith. speaking of which

List of Names Keith has Called Me at the Course.
Hun ( or hunny)
sweety ( or sweetheart)
whench ( or bar whench)
bitch ( drink bitch)
coffee bitch
dish bitch
and probably more....

working there tonight with the shark though, from 4pm - 11pm and its 2 oclock now. all i know is that im going to be so exhausted, i just hope they serve good food again, chris an i have our fingers crossed its that chicken they had that time keith wasnt hungry. because that was some good foods. so was that roast beef, and when they have ben and jerry's, i dunno, its the fancy smance Yacht Club.. okay.. since WHEN have we had those..where do people Yacht around here? they dont.


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[19 Sep 2004|09:54am]
good morning
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